Season 2

The second season of bible study ran from October 2018 through April 2019.

Persevering Through the Storms of Life

In today’s bible study, we take a look at persevering through the storms of life. We do not have to be afraid or overwhelmed of the storms that we face.

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I And My Father Are One – Bible Study

In today’s study, we take a look at Jesus plainly stating to the Jews, “I and my Father are one”. How can this be?

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The Right Way to Love – A Bible Study on Love Part 2

Now that love has been defined for us, we must learn the right way to love. Today’s study takes at how and who we are to love.

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What is Love? – A Bible Study on Love (Part 1)

This week we are going to do a bible study on love. In the first part of our bible study, we look to define love and find out where love came from.

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What Is The Purpose of the Church?

What is the purpose of the church? We take a look at the original purpose for the church and determine whether the purpose of the church is still the same

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