Sunday School

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Nehemiah Combats Derision and Danger

In this week’s lesson, we take a look at the courage in faith that Nehemiah had when facing a mocking enemy that despised his faith and the efforts he put forth while having faith.

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Hezekiah Rallies Judah’s Army

In this week’s lesson, we study about the encouraging faith of Hezekiah, king of Judah when facing off against the Sennacherib and the Assyrian army.

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Abijah Challenges King Jeroboam

In this week’s lesson we take a look at the courage of Abijah in a showdown between he, the king of Judah, and Jeroboam, king of Israel who outnumbered his army two times the men.

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Elijah Rebukes King Ahab

What can we learn from the courage of Elijah? This week’s lesson dives into the courage shown by Elijah in delivering a stern message to King Ahab about him and his wife.

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Jonathan Attacks the Philistine Outpost

This week’s lesson continues our look at people of valor. This week we are going to be taking a look at the valor of Jonathan as he faces a great enemy in the Philistine garrison.

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