Sunday School

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Saved by Faith

In this week’s lesson, we see Paul have a desire for his brethren that I believe all genuine believers share in common. Paul wanted the Jews to know they could be saved by faith in Christ.

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Elected by God

Paul writes, “they are not all Israel who are of Israel.” In our lesson this week, we discuss the spiritual Israel that is being elected by God. What does it mean that God is electing this Israel?

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More than Conquerors

What can crush (and or) defeat the child of God? Can tribulation or peril defeat us? In today’s lesson we see that we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

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Anticipating Redemption

In this week’s lesson, Paul says that the suffering of this present time does not compare with the coming glory. We believers should be anticipating redemption! Let’s dive into the coming glory.

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Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ

Now that we live under grace and have God’s forgiveness, is it OK for us as believers to sin? We dive into answering this question in this week’s Sunday School lesson.

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