Hello there! It has been a while since I shared any announcements with all of you so let’s take a moment to get you updated with some new announcements.

New Website Design

If you have not been to the website for a couple of weeks, you will notice that things look differently. I gave the site a fresh new design a couple of weeks ago as I have a few new plans for where I am going to be taking the site. You will still be able to follow along with sermons, lessons, studies, and the daily food for thoughts. Audio of the week’s sermon will still be available to listen to on the home page though I have tweaked the appearance of the audio box.

On specific sermon pages, for audio listeners, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the sermon to listen to the sermon as the video of the sermon will appear at the top of the page. Please note, when I say scroll to the end of the sermon, I do not mean scroll to the bottom of the page. Sunday school lessons will continue to be audio only and the audio box will still appear at the top of the page on the specific page of a lesson.

Site subscription pop up

As far as new additions to the site goes. You will notice that on your initial visit to the website, unsubscribed readers, will see a pop up box to subscribe to the site. It is my goal to continue to grow the subscribers of this site because I have a goal for as many people to grow in their faith and wisdom of the Lord. So, I want to encourage all visitors to follow the website so that they never miss a sermon, lesson, or study. I want to note that subscribing to this site is free.

Prayer request and testimonies pages coming soon

A new website feature that I am looking forward to adding will be the prayer request and testimonies pages. On the prayer request page, my hope is that those who are in need of prayer will list their name (just their first name) and mention what they would like for all of us to pray for. My dad had a saying about adding wood to the fire when it came to prayer. He would say, when more of us come together and add wood to the fire (pray together), then the fire grows and burns hot. So, those that visit this page will be able to add names to call on in their prayers.

The testimony page, I believe, will also become a gem to the site. All of us have a testimony to share and along with sharing the gospel of God, this is a way that we can minister to those that are around us. I believe that we are all living testimonies and your testimony, I believe, is very powerful! You testimony can be both helpful and encouraging to those who hear it and this part of the site will be where you can share your testimony for others to read.

These two pages are coming soon. My goal is to have both of these pages up and running by the start of November. I will announce when those pages are active.

New Bible Study Season

We are now entering into our new season of bible study! The new season of study will begin towards the end of October. This year, I am going to be aiming to release a study once a week. For the past couple of years, I have released studies twice a month since they were really long studies. This year I am going to change things up by releasing shorter studies once a week.

Essentially, last year, studies were about 3 to 4 long sections combined into 1 long study. This year, I am going to be releasing a section (or a part) of a study once a week – at least that is my goal. So, hopefully, with shorter studies, you will want to be sure that you are following each week to keep up with the studies. I am looking forward to the new studies and I certainly hope that you are as well! So, be sure to keep your eyes out for the new season of studies, and again, if you have not done so already, be sure to subscribe to the site! It will be much easier to keep up with all of the posts by subscribing to the site.

As for now, that is all of the announcements that I have for you! To all of you who have already subscribed to the site and regular visit, I truly do appreciate you for following. I hope my ministering is helping you to grow in your faith and in your wisdom!

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