New Site Features & Updates

Hello everybody! Wanted to give a few updates on some changes that I have made to the site recently. Some of the changes have been on the site for probably the last 3 week, and some I have made as recent as yesterday.

New Series Page

Over the summer, I had developed a page that would link to all of my sermon and bible study series I have done. Yesterday, I finally uploaded that page to the site and it is now live.

You can reach this page by clicking on the “series” tab on the menu. Each thumbnail is a link to the series page where you will be able to see each sermon or study in the series. So, if you ever want to listen to a series for the first time or again, this is the quickest way you can find the series. All new series will automatically be added to this page.

2020 Spotlighted Sermons

I have also developed a new page that spotlights 20 of my sermons from this year. Near the end of each year, I try to spotlight a handful of my sermons throughout the year and this year is no different. You will randomly see three of these spotlighted sermons on the front page of the site whenever you visit the site’s front page.

I have also added two new buttons beneath the featured sections on the home page. So, when you click the “more spotlighted sermons” button under the spotlight featured section, you will be taken another part of the site that contains all 20 of the spotlighted sermons. When you click the “view all series”, you will be taken to the series page.

New Front Page Sections

Also on the home page now is a Sunday School and Bible Study section. These new sections automatically update when there is a new post. So, every Sunday, this Sunday School section updates with the new lesson commentary. For email followers, in case you do not receive an email, you can come to the site to see if the new lesson posts. The same thing goes for new Bible studies!

You will also notice that the Food for Thought – Daily Verse – also appears on the front page now as well. I used to have this appear on the front page many years ago, but now I have it back on because it appears as I have always wanted. The scripture appears with a link that will take visitors to the food for thought. Email followers, you already receive this link directly to the post in your email. Be sure you are clicking that link in your email so that you can also read my thought behind the scripture.

Slow moving, internal server error

For the past couple of months, I had noticed that the website would load up really slow. Google would alert me now and then to the website’s slow performance for search engine reasons. So, last week, I finally had time to troubleshoot the issue to see what was going on.

I initially thought it was a server/host issue, but it appears to have been some software I was running on the site. Needless to say, I removed that software for some new software to see how the site would run. Over the past week, it has ran really well. It bogs down here and there, but not as much as before so you should not have any problems browsing the site.

Alright! That is all that I have for my site updates and announcements! Thanks again for visiting and sharing in my ministry! If you have not done so already, become an email subscriber of the site! All you need is an email address and you will receive an email notification every time a new sermon, Sunday school lesson, and Bible study is posted.

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