2020 Favorite

2020 was a year of great crisis.  We faced much stress, and many of my sermons focused on overcoming what we face.  Here are 20 sermons that I wanted to spotlight from this year.

God is Worthy of Your Thanks

In this season of Thanksgiving, you should know that God is worthy of your thanks! In today’s sermon, we look at the blessing of overcoming.

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Don’t be the Hypocrite Believer

How does one become a hypocrite? Let’s take a dive into this type of believer and how we can be a much better steward of the way of Christ

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Keeping Your Anger in Check

Feeling anger and frustration at things happening in our world today? In today’s sermon I answer the question about anger within a believer and focus on keeping our anger in check

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The Oppressive Brother

In today’s sermon I take a look at the present and history of Christianity that becomes oppressive. Are we as believers abusing the grace and liberty from God?

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The Justified Sinner

Are you a justified sinner? Are you part of God’s elect? In today’s sermon I take a look at the fourfold works of Christ that make you part of God’s elect.

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