Spotlighted Posts

Here is a collection of ten of the must-see/read sermons, studies, and Sunday School.  Spotlighted Posts are typically updated every 3-months.

Desiring Water From the Fountain of God

How strong is your desire to drink from the fountain of God? In today’s sermon, we take a look at an example of spiritual desire in Elisha that genuine believers should also possess.

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The Debt We Owe

There is a great debt we owe to God for what He did for us. In today’s sermon, I take a look at the magnitude of what God did for us and how we can go about repaying the debt we owe.

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God Can Transform You

We are in a constant season of spiritual transformation. Do you believe that God can transform you spiritually? If you say no, let’s dispel your doubts!

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What Do You Want From God

Final sermon in my “When God Speaks” series. When you pray, what do you want from God? This sermon takes a look at our heart and considers what and how we should pray.

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When God Says No

Continuing in my sermons on praying to the Lord. Last week, we saw that God does answer and this week, we take a look at when God says no. God does say no to us. What does this mean and how should we react?

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