Desiring Water From the Fountain of God

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How strong is your desire to drink from the fountain of God? In today’s sermon, we take a look at an example of spiritual desire in Elisha that genuine believers should also possess.

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The Debt We Owe

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There is a great debt we owe to God for what He did for us. In today’s sermon, I take a look at the magnitude of what God did for us and how we can go about repaying the debt we owe.

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God Can Transform You

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We are in a constant season of spiritual transformation. Do you believe that God can transform you spiritually? If you say no, let’s dispel your doubts!

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What Do You Want From God

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Final sermon in my “When God Speaks” series. When you pray, what do you want from God? This sermon takes a look at our heart and considers what and how we should pray.

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When God Says No

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Continuing in my sermons on praying to the Lord. Last week, we saw that God does answer and this week, we take a look at when God says no. God does say no to us. What does this mean and how should we react?

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A Little Talk with Jesus

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How straightforward, how bold, are you when it comes to talking to the Lord? We should be unafraid and comfortable when we have a talk with Jesus. Let’s take a look at erasing what makes us uncomfortable with praying to God.

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Jesus: The Light of the World

What did Jesus mean by saying He was the light of the world? What does it mean when we disagree with Jesus about this saying? Let’s learn something new in this week’s lesson!

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This is Resilient Faith

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What is it that gives some of us such resilient faith? Let’s dive into embracing faith in the intangible to build up our resilience in the world we face today.

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