Be Careful of Who You Follow

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It is good that your heart be established by grace. Let’s take a look at who and what you follow. How is it possible that a believer could end up following after and believing in wild conspiracies?

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Power in the Name of Jesus

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There is power in the name of Jesus! However, are we living fully in that power or do we shut that power off once we leave the church or our homes?

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I Got Your Back, Do You Have Mine?

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Has a challenge been laid before us and are we failing that challenge to have each other’s back? What does it mean to truly have someone’s back?

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God Don’t Like Ugly

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After being saved, some believers begin to believe it is OK to sin? Is this true? If God don’t like ugly, why would He be accepting of a believers ugliness?

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The Perfect Servant of God

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Are we striving to be like the perfect servant of God? Let’s take a look at the Good Samaritan to remind us of the mindset we should have towards others

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Confronting Opposition as Christians

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How do you confront those who are in opposition of your views and faith? Do you become forceful and oppressive or do you choose to be humble and move on? Which is right?

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Don’t Change My Church

In today’s sermon – Don’t Change My Church – I examine the suggestion that the church needs to make changes.

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Think Like a Christian

think like a christian

A Christian should be the bearer of good fruit. Are we the bearers of good fruit? This is a message to those filled with iniquity – that is not the way of Christ

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