The Good Work of Serving Others

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I preach this sermon in the memory of people like Rev. C. T. Vivian and John Lewis. Those who came before us did their good works for others did so out of the genuine faith in their heart. We have an obligation to keep!

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His Purpose is Our Purpose

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On this Palm Sunday, I take a look at the purpose of Jesus, His fulfilling of that purpose, and how His purpose shows us God’s intended purpose for mankind.

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Turn Over the Tables

Are we doing right by the original intent and purpose for the church? Would Jesus turn over the tables of the church today?

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Step Up to the Plate

God is not sending another Savior. Today’s sermon takes a look at how we are all now responsible for how we live and how God will hold us accountable for all of our actions and our inactions

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A Living Testimony

living testimony

Are you a living testimony of God the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit? The church should be full of testifiers of the Lord but is the church going silent on God?

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