Who Do You Lean On?

Who Do You Lean On Thumb

Who do you lean on? Who’s wisdom do you live by? Do you lean on your own wisdom or have you learned to trust in the Lord’s wisdom?

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Nothing Can Keep Us From God

Is there anybody or anything that can keep us from God? Last week we took a look at drawing close to Jesus, now let’s take at staying near to Him.

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The Newness of Life

Walking In The Newness Of Life Thumb

We may get baptized but does this mean we are now walking in the newness of life? There is a change that we must make. Today’s sermon takes another look at Jacob and the change he had to make to walk in the newness of life.

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Led By the Spirit

In today’s sermon, we are going to take a look at the story of Simeon – a man who was led by the spirit to see and hold the baby Jesus.

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Turn Over the Tables

Are we doing right by the original intent and purpose for the church? Would Jesus turn over the tables of the church today?

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Why Do We Go to Church?

In today’s sermon I will focus on the question, “why do we go to church?”

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Is God Testing Me?

We ask, is God testing me? Today’s sermon takes a look at the idea that God is putting us through a test.

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Unwavering Faith

In today’s sermon, we will take a look at unwavering faith. There’s a fine example set for us, by Noah, that we will look at and apply to ourselves.

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