Better Wait on God

Wait On God Thumb

In today’s sermon – Better Wait on God – we’re going to take a look at the faith that is impatient. Our impatient faith can lead to many mistakes.

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Wake Up Sleepy Head

In today’s sermon, Wake Up Sleepy Head, we take a look at the type of faith that leads Christians to falling asleep in their faith.

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Keep On Keeping On

keep on keeping on

Taking a look at the saying, “keep on keeping on”. What do you believe this saying means? We should push each other and help one another grow

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He Heard That

We learn, from the time we are children, what is possible and what is impossible. In today’s sermon, I declare to you, my God does the impossible regularly and He will do the impossible for you if you believe!

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Genuine Faith

Is your faith in the Lord genuine? There is a difference between genuine faith and faith that is not genuine. The Lord is only a rewarder of those who are diligent in their faith. Today’s sermon focuses on genuine faith.

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In Due Time

Do you remember Jesus’ promise to those that believe? In due time, Christ will return to receive those who have believed. However, what should we be doing while we wait for His return?

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Victory Is Mine!

After a month and a half preaching about spiritual warfare, today I can tell you that we have the victory! Victory is mine! Victory is yours! We have the victory through Christ

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Stop Your Complaining

stop complaining

Do you realize how often you complain about God? Stop complaining! Today’s sermon focuses on the downside of our complaining and the harm it causes us

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