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Persuading and encouraging those of little to no faith to learn and know God's word to become a more effectual witness for the Kingdom of God.

Having been led by The Holy Spirit, New Found Faith Christian Ministries was found and organized in August of 2006 by the late Reverend Leo H. McCrary and is now under the leadership of Rev. Leo H. McCrary II. This ministry is now online based with sermons, lessons, and studies shared weekly and daily verses and thoughts are shared Monday through Friday.

To the lost soul, we welcome you to learn of the love of God, His forgiveness, and His salvation. To those growing in the faith, we will continue to encourage and strengthen your faith in God. All are more than welcome to join us as we seek to grow spiritually in the way of Christ.

About Rev. Leo H. McCrary II

Rev. Leo H. McCrary II was licensed to preach August 12, 2012. He was ordained and inserted as pastor of New Found Faith Christian Ministries April 28th, 2013. Text and audio sermons are given through the inspiration of God and are posted weekly.
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