Trusting God During this Season of Change

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In today’s sermon, I take a look at the difference between faith and trust. Trusting God is another step we must take in our faith.

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A Wonderful Change

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Why do we fear change especially when it is change that the Lord is in control of? I look at this fear we have and preach about why we should not be afraid.

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Trusting God’s Will Even When Things Go Wrong

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When things don’t go the way we hoped, it becomes difficult for some believers to continue trusting in God’s will. In today’s sermon, we look at the faith of three Hebrews boys in their time of crisis.

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In Times of Crisis

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In times of crisis, what do you do? Do you lean on God or are you consumed with worry and fear? I take a look at Elijah in a time of crisis and what God did for Him along with other calming scripture.

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