Blessed and Highly Favored

Blessed and highly favored thumb

Are you blessed and highly favored? Let’s take a look at the definition of this phrase according to sound doctrine and compare it to the co-opted and misconstrued definition in today’s sermon.

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Why Did You Believe?

Why did you believe? Did you believe in the Lord because you thought it would lead to the riches of this world? We take a look at the struggles of life.

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No Such Thing as Small Blessings

Small Blessings Thumb

We like to quantify the Lord’s blessings on a scale from small to large. In this sermon, I take a look at the importance of all of God’s blessings and why we should take advantage of every blessing that comes from God.

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When the Praises Go Up

I am sure we have all heard the phrase, “when the praises go up, the blessings come down”. Today\s sermon takes a look at this phrase and asks the question whether this is the truth or not. How does God bless us and what do we have to do to get His blessings?

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You Can’t Beat God’s Giving

God's giving

We used to sing, “you can’t beat God’s giving, no matter how you try.” What is God’s giving? How do we receive God’s giving? We take a deep dive into answering those questions

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