The Power of Prayer

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Some are skeptics about prayer but in today’s sermon we take a look at Jesus’ message about the power of prayer, God’s three answers, and the three keys to enjoying a happy and healthy prayer life.

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The Harvest of God

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In this week’s sermon, we take a look at the harvest of God as the time of His harvest is drawing near. All of us are a part of the field that is God is coming to for the harvest. So, I ask you today, are ready for the harvest? Will you be part of God’s harvest?

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A Righteous Tree of God

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The Word of God has been sown for a truly great purpose. When we live by the Word we become a righteous tree of God in a world that whose seasons can kill anything. In today’s sermon, I discuss why God desires for you to be as a tree.

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From a Tiny Seed

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From a tiny seed there is potential, promise, hope and growth. The Lord has sown a seed in the world and desires for it to grow and bear fruit. Has that seed taken root in you?

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