A Mother’s Love

Preached May 8, 2016


Laid out before us in our text for today’s sermon is the example of a mother’s love.  I truly believe when God created woman that He went truly over and beyond in creating her.  I believe God truly took His time when He created woman and crafted woman.  Now, I do personally feel that He did a great thing when He created man but I honestly don’t see what women see when they look at man – I always think my view of them is better.  When God created woman He created a being with hair that can go for days, eyes that’s like looking into heaven, and curves that can make your knees buckle.  The woman is truly a beauty to behold, but that is not what makes the woman special.

We, both man and woman, God’s creation, have the ability to love.  However, it is in love that I find the greatest of differences between both man and woman.  I have come to realize over the years that God has allowed me to grace His earth that man and woman love in two completely different ways.  I cannot compare my love to that of a woman’s love – her love is simply different and honestly it’s far better than mine.  I truly believe that God embedded within woman a love that is different from man.  You see, there is no love like that of a woman.

It’s in her nature

It is in love that I believe the world can find the true beauty of a woman.  You see, when God created woman I believe that He gave woman a special kind of love that I as a man do not have.  I look at the ones that will become the life bearers, or have already brought another life into this world, and I see that it takes a different kind of love to be able to do such a thing.  I believe there’s a reason as to why God gave woman the special gift of being able to bring another life into this world, and it is due to their love.

I have come to realize that man would be unable to do such a task – bringing another life into this world.  Not because I don’t believe that man isn’t capable of doing such a thing, but because man doesn’t have the love to go through what a woman goes through.  In those nine months you will begin to realize that it takes a different and special kind of love to carry that weight, to bear the pains and aches, to fight those sicknesses, to deal with the emotions, and carry such a burden.  It takes a different and special kind of love and it is the different and special kind of love that woman has.

From this kind of love comes woman’s strength.  From this special kind of love comes woman’s fight.  From this special kind of love comes woman’s hustle.  The fountain of love that a woman has runs incredibly deep and boils over hot.  It is like a deep well that is filled up with compassion.  We see this deep special kind of love in our text for today’s sermon.

In today’s text we find two women that had gone through the whole process of bringing a child into this world.  Unfortunately for one of the mother’s she killed her children during sleep.  This drove her to steal another mother’s child to take for her own.  The next morning, the other mother wakes to find the dead child laying with her.  This results in the two women standing before King Solomon arguing over who the live child belonged too.  When Solomon says that he will kill the child, we find that the child’s mother is driven to plead for that not to happen.  From her actions, Solomon is able to conclude that she was the real  mother and turned her child back over to her.

We often look at this story to conclude just how brilliant of a mind that Solomon had, it’s true, he was brilliant.  However, I take a look at this story to understand just how a mother’s love works.  This mother’s love for her child was so strong that she could not bare the thought of her child being killed – I can’t imagine any mother would.  This mother’s love was so strong that she was willing to allow her child to be raised by another woman.  This mother’s love was so strong that she wanted her child to live, even if it would not have been with her!  You see, that is a kind of love that mother’s everywhere will understand.  A mother will do absolutely anything for not only her child but for all of those who she love.

I am reminded of a song that I would hear years ago, “Love Will Go All the Way”, by Lee Williams.  In the song, Lee tells a store about a mother’s child who had done wrong and had been sentenced to be executed.  Over night the mother had climbed her way up into a bell that would be rung to signal the execution of her child.  So when the next day had arrived, and the people had gathered themselves to execute her son, they were unable to get the bell to ring because she had wrapped herself around the clapper (the piece inside the bell that makes it ring).  She eventually falls out of the bell after successfully saving her son from execution, and the son sees her laying there, realizing what she had done.

Lee Williams concluding in that song that a mother’s love will literally go all the way.  As a child, we just don’t realize just how much that momma does for us, do we?  We don’t recognize the hustle that mom has for us.  We don’t recognize that fighting spirit that mom has for us.  Now that I have become older, and can look at what we face everyday, I say a prayer of thanks for my mom.  My dad was and still is my hero to this day, but my mom is and always will be my heart!

Mom does not try to do what she can for you – mom literally go up and above doing what she can.  Here I am, a grown adult, and mom still finds a way to take care of me.  It’s because of mom that I am able to dedicate time to both this ministry and to my business with my brother.  I don’t know about your mom, but if I ask mom to get something for me, mom will not only get but she will get abundantly.  Some of you are probably moms and do this very same thing.  Moms give their absolute everything to provide and make a way.  We should all appreciate our mothers more and more everyday, while we still can.

I get to now sit back and watch how my sister, the mother of two, grinds and hustles for her two children everyday.  I sit back and am astonished and amazed by the things that she continues to accomplish daily – just recently she graduated college while working full time and raising her children.  I see this same kind of story play out more and more everyday now through social media.

Mothers are truly inspirations for how they carry themselves.  Mothers inspire their children to accomplish whatever it is they choose to accomplish.  Mother’s make sure you’re ready to take on a world that wants to do it’s best to take on you.  Mothers show you how to stand up fight for yourself.  Mothers are the ones that show you what love is and how you should love.  Thank God for your mother because they truly are special.  They are so special that I hate to see when people try to compare them to fathers.  Father are special, believe you me, father’s are special but your mother is truly your mother.

Mother’s love goes all the way

I was raised in a household with a strong woman, and knew a grandmother that was strong, and have aunts who are strong women in their own rights.  I have never not known a woman to not be a strong woman!  When I hear others say what the say about women’s equality, I always think to myself, the women I know have not only been equal but are more.

I thank God today for the mothers but I also must thank God for women in general.  Not all women have children, but there are so many women who serve and play such a role in lives today.  I would be remissed if I also did not acknowledge you in thanks on this mother’s day.   Where would this world be without all of you? This world would certainly not spin if it was not for the special love of a woman.


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