Food For Thought

10 So likewise you, when you have done all those things which you are commanded, say, ‘We are unprofitable servants. We have done what was our duty to do.’ ”

Luke 17:10 NKJV

I am very curious about your approach when it comes to doing things. For example, in the work place, everyone think that they are the best employee, right? At least most folks do. We don’t care much for those that we think aren’t doing their fair share of the work. We certainly don’t care for those who consider to be lazy in the workplace. Our goal in the work place is to simply meet whatever it is that is being asked of us, right?

How do you approach the task that Christ has given to all who follow Him? Are you a good worker? I certainly hope you aren’t one of those who just shows up to work not to get fired! What I love about this lesson from Jesus in teaching about faith and duty is that He tackles the effort of faith. Jesus tells us that we shouldn’t be the kind of servant that’s simply happy with meeting what’s been commanded of us.

In the “go the extra mile” mindset, when we have met the “quota”, Jesus said we should consider going even further. This is a statement that kind of reminds me of being a kid and dad pushing us to be better than our best. I am always thinking about what more I can bring to the table for the Lord. I feel like we as believers should always consider giving more than our best. Jesus gave His everything for us, and I believe the Lord wants us to give our everything for each other as well.

So, will we give each other all we got and more? If we can do that, then I know we can truly lift each other up.

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