He cares – God cares. It is “the season for miracles”, right?  That’s what many of the songs and the holiday specials tells me – the Christmas miracles.  Personally, I don’t believe that miracles happen at only one time of the year!  No, I believe they happen each and everyday of the year, whether you hear about them or not.  Though, I will admit that maybe not hearing about the miracles is part of the problem in why some lack faith in miracles happening.  (I suppose we should do a better job in testifying about our miracles.)

Last Sunday, I mentioned that there are two types of people living in our world today.  There’s the person that believes in both the miracles and the miracle worker, and then there’s the person that simply does not believe.  Now, in those holiday specials, the children typically spend the entirety of the movie or tv show trying to get the nonbeliever to believe in the magic or miracles of Christmas.

Well, this is reality, and in reality there are many people who live in this world truly believing that miracles aren’t possible.  While I have preached about the miracle worker’s existence and how to receive your miracle, there is still someone asking one all-important question.  That question: “If God is real, why would God perform a miracle for me?”

I have an answer to that question that I certainly want to focus on in today’s sermon.  My response to that question is actually very simple – “Because He cares about you!” You may feel like the Lord doesn’t care about you, but I tell you, the Lord cares about you more than you realize!  However, we must have the spiritual sight to realize He cares!

Jesus heals a blind man

In John 9, John records the event of Jesus giving sight to a man who had been born blind.  As He and His disciples passed through the city, the disciples asked Jesus (John 9:2), “who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”  I referenced this scripture in a sermon I preached earlier this year – God Will Make a Way.

Their thoughts on the matter was that because this man was born blind (had a disability), there must have been some great sin to cause it.  It’s amazing how the human outlook on things like this has not changed much. If you don’t know what I mean, let me explain it to you.

For example, we all look at the position that we are in and because we have not “made it”, many people of faith will view that as a result of something in their relationship with God.  Whatever “made it” means to you, there are many folks who feel that their trespasses against the Lord is what’s keeping them from “making it”.  

We never seem to stop and think that the Lord does permit some things to happen to us for a reason.  This is not something we want to hear because we, in our minds, believe nothing bad should ever happen to a child of God.  Yet, I tell you, God permits some things to come upon us and He doesn’t always reveal the reason why that’s the case. That being said, in our key verse, Jesus gives us two answers that all of us need to hear today.

Jesus tells the disciples (John 9:3), “Neither this man nor his parents sinned.”  Does this mean that the man and his parents were without sin for their whole lives?  If that was the case, then according to the logic of the disciples, this man should not have been born blind. We as believers always seem to get hung up on who is or who is not a sinner.  It is not our place to determine (to judge) who is or who is not a sinner.

I believe that Jesus knew this man’s heart, and knew this man would believe in Him.  Yet, I also believe that the hour of judgment had not come. It is not up to us to determine who is a sinner, as the disciples had done here.  No, that judgment is up to God and the Lord showed us here that every person has the opportunity to become a believer.  The blind man is an example for the opportunity that all people have! (Keep this in mind as we continue through this sermon.)

Everybody is worthy of a miracle

So, to the one that would ask the question, “why would God perform a miracle for me?”  My answer is because God cares about you! God not only cares about you but the Lord has not given up on you where others have already determined that you are lost.  The Lord, my God, believes you are still capable of becoming a believer in Him and so the Lord still finds you to be worthy of His miraculous power!

We cannot let others determine for God that we are not worthy of His miraculous power.  This is what happens too often today: we allow others with all of their negativity and lack of faith to influence our perception of God.  We allow others, with all of their smugness and superior-minded ways to influence our perception of God. One tells us that God does not care about us and the other tells us that we’re not worthy of the Lord and we eventually start to believe that stuff as well.  Yet, I tell you today that God cares deeply about you and will certainly perform a miracle for you today if you have faith in Him.

For the glory of God

Again, somebody will ask, “why would God perform a miracle for me?”  Let us pay very close attention to the rest of Jesus statement in our key verse.  He closes out the statement by saying (John 9:3), “but that the works of God should be revealed (manifested) in him.”  So, this man was not being punished for his sins or his parents sins, but was blind so that the works of God could be revealed through him!

Some of us have a mentality in which all of God’s creation circles around us and also waits on us.  We can certainly be a self-centered people at times! While the thought of becoming something big like that seems wonderful to some, I tell you that you were not simply created for just yourself.  No, God created all of us for His glory!

No age was given for the blind man, but he’s referred to as a man and his parents even said he was of age and could speak for himself (John 9:23).  I mention this because again we come across someone in scripture who had been dealing with an affliction for a long time. In last week’s sermon, it was the woman who had an affliction with bleeding for 12 years. Her, this blind man, and all of those who Jesus made whole again all had those afflictions for the Lord’s glory.

Showing the world He can do anything

Have you ever noticed when Jesus would perform some of His miracles how He would tell the person not to tell anybody?  Yet, the people would be filled with so much joy that they could not help but spread the wonderful news about Jesus!  

In one of the first miracles that Mark recorded, Jesus healed a leper (Mark 1:40-45).  Jesus tells the man after cleansing him (Mark 1:43), “See that you say nothing to anyone.”  Guess what the man did! He went and proclaimed it freely (Mark 1:45). Scripture says that the man proclaimed what Jesus had done so much so that Jesus could no longer openly enter the city.

Do you recall me mentioning the two two blind men in last Sunday’s sermon?  The two blind men followed and called after Jesus because they wanted Him to give them sight (John 9:27-31).  Jesus, after giving them their sight, warned them not to let anybody know what He had done. Even with that warning, guess what the two men did!  The two men could not help but to let somebody know about Jesus (John 9:30-31).

It would seem that when God would do such a wonderful thing with somebody that their spirit could simply not be shut-up.  Jesus tells us that God created us for the purpose of revealing His glory in our world today. So, I must ask, why do so many of us choose to save our glorifying of God for the church sanctuary.  Has not God performed a miracle in all of us?

The great miracle God performed in us

I believe the greatest miracle that was ever performed in the world was the giving of sight to the blind.  Now, to the one who may instantly think that I am talking about physical sight, I want you to change your outlook as to what I mean.  No, you see, all of us (mankind) were blind at one point in time. But, you see, there was a bright light that came into this world and began to reveal the glory of God in this world.

Jesus said to the disciples (John 9:5), “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”  With every message that He taught and preached, and with every miracle He performed, the blind began to see and come to the Light.  What I want you to understand is that mankind was spiritually blind to the Lord, but Christ came to this world to give us sight to God!

Again, somebody will ask, “why would God perform a miracle for me?”  The answer is because He cares about you! The very first miracle that God will perform in your life is to give you spiritual sight!  The sight so that you can see the truth and overcome the deceit of the enemy of this world. If God did not care about you, He would not have sent His only begotten Son into this world to save you from the judgment of this world.

Proclaiming the Lord in our world

Are you spiritually blind or do you have spiritual sight?  If you confess to be a genuine believer today, then your answer should be that you have spiritual sight.  That spiritual sight that you have is truly a work of God. Therefore, if it is a work of God, how can you sit there and not let somebody else know what the Lord has done for you?

We should take our cues from those who Jesus performed miracles for in scripture.  Remember, they would be so moved in their spirits that they would let a whole country know!  Some of us have sat so long that I begin to wonder if that fire still burns inside of our spirit to let somebody know how wonderful the Lord is.

It is “the season for miracles”, right?  Well, let us do like those children do in those holiday specials – tell somebody about the miracle worker.  Great is the work that God has worked inside of all of us! Tell somebody about the miracles that God has done for you.  Let us make believers of the miraculous power of God.


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