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Faithful and Just Series

Preached from October 2 – October 23, 2022

In this 4-part sermon series, I take a look at the idea that the world is an unfair place and that God is unfair. We will see that God is more than fair and how we as believers must become more than fair if we want this world to be a better place

1. When Life Seems Unfair

Preached October 2, 2022

In this week’s sermon – When Life Seems Unfair – I encourage broken and depressed souls with a doctrine of hope that can turn things around! You are not defeated, and you certainly are not hopeless should you lean on this wisdom.

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2. God Is More Than Fair

Preached October 9, 2022

I take a look at the accusation that God is not fair in today’s sermon. You will see that God is more than fair – God is faith and He is just to keep His way and His word.

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3. The Onus Is on Us

Preached October 16, 2022

The onus is on us – there is a responsibility that we have to each other that we, mankind, have chosen to ignore. In today’s sermon I take a look at the downfall of selfishness and conceit and the power in unity and togetherness.

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4. True to Our Calling

Preached October 23, 2022

Continuing on the thought of making the world a better place, I take a look this week at the call of the genuine believer and how we go about living to be true to our calling in our world today.

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