God Is at Work Series

Preached from September 4 – September 18, 2022

In this three part sermon series, I take a look at the incredible works that the Lord does on our behalf every single day and every second of our life. We will see the work that the Lord does behind the scenes that we cannot see and the work that He does that we are able to clearly witness.

1. God Is at Work

Preached September 4, 2022

In this week’s sermon I focus on how God is at work today on all of our behalf. Question is this: Do you believe God is at work for you even when you cannot see Him?

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2. God’s Got Your Back

Preached September 11, 2022

In this week’s sermon I take a look at how God’s got your back by watching over us His flock as the good shepherd that will shield us from all hurt, harm, and danger.

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3. He Is Our Way Maker

Preached September 18, 2022

We have seen that God is always at work on our behalf and that He is our shield and protection. Today, I take a look the Lord being our way maker. On our journey, the genuine believer is never stuck and is never trapped.

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