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God is Love

Preached from March 5 – April 9, 2023

Sadly, the love of God is not appreciated as it should be by all of us, His creation. In this 5-part sermon series I open our eyes to the fact that God is love as we take a look at the great depth of love that the Lord has for all of us.

1. God Is Full of Mercy

Preached March 5, 2023

The holy season is upon us and this is a season where we should be celebrating that God is full of mercy. Today, I take a look at how God defines His grace and mercy to us, and how we should build and grow from God’s mercy.

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2. Why God Loves You

Preached March 12, 2023

Have you ever wondered why God loves you? Even though He is omnipotent, there is one major reason why God loves you and I take at this reason to give you more confidence in the Lord.

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3. God Cannot Be Stopped

Preached March 19, 2023

The devil desires and has tried to block the love of God, however, we will see this week that the love of God cannot be stopped. Today, I take a look at how the devil is incapable of ever blocking the love of God.

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4. The Measure of God’s Love

Preached April 2, 2023

On this Palm Sunday, we take a look at the measure of God’s love for us by taking a look at the test that God gave to Abraham to offer up his only son to prove his commitment to Him.

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5. The Great Debt We Owe

Preached April 2, 2023

There is a great debt we owe the Lord today in that He gave us His Son who died and is risen. In today’s sermon, I take a look at the newness given to all of us through Christ and how we go about paying back the debt we owe.

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