Spiritual Values & Morality Sermon Series

Preached from August 6 – September 17, 2023

Are you values and morality in check? We are to step out in faith and move in faith in the Lord. Our faith in the Lord should inspire and encourage all of those around us and in our faith. In this series of sermons, we’ll dive into moving in courage in a world that will try to discourage you. We’ll also dive into training up each other and future generations to walk in faith in the Lord.

1. Stepping Out in Faith

Preached August 6, 2023

Do you have the courage to take the first step in stepping out in faith in the Lord? In this week’s sermon I take a look at the assurance that we have from God and why we must move in faith to take possession of our blessing rather than be paralyzed in fear.

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2. When We Need Each Other

Preached August 13, 2023

When we need each other, we need to be strong of faith in the Lord and have the courage to step out in faith. In this week’s story, we take a look at the motivation faith of Deborah in the story of Deborah and Barak.

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3. When the Haters Hate on You

Preached August 20, 2023

How do you respond and react when your hater hate on you? Do you respond in fear or do you answer with hate? In today’s sermon I take at how we are to deal with and overcome hate.

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4. Don’t Hurt Your Soul

Preached September 3, 2023

Many of us are living in pain on the inside as our soul is grieving. In today’s sermon, I take a look at how you must move in order not to hurt your soul by taking a look at Joseph and his ten older brothers that conspired against him

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5. God Has a Task for You

Preached September 10, 2023

God has a task for you! Do you know what your assignment is from the Lord? In today’s sermon, we take a look at the assignment God has given to us and we take a look at Philip’s example of carrying out the tasks.

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6. Building Up True Wealth

Preached September 17, 2023

There is true wealth that the world cares little about but it should be today we will see that this wealth should be the focus for all people to gain. In this week’s sermon I take a look at how to gain this wealth and what we must do when we begin to store up this wealth.

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