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The Harvest of God

Preached from May 7 – June 18, 2023

In this 6-sermon series, we take a look at the kingdom of heaven condition in our world. The kingdom of heaven is like a certain man that went into His field and sowed seed. One day this certain man is going to come and harvest what He has sown, and this man is the Lord. Will you be a part of His harvest?

1. From a Tiny Seed

Preached May 7, 2023

From a tiny seed there is potential, promise, hope and growth. The Lord has sown a seed in the world and desires for it to grow and bear fruit. Has that seed taken root in you?

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2. A Righteous Tree of God

Preached May 14, 2023

The Word of God has been sown for a truly great purpose. When we live by the Word we become a righteous tree of God in a world that whose seasons can kill anything. In today’s sermon, I discuss why God desires for you to be as a tree.

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3. The Harvest of God

Preached May 14, 2023

In this week’s sermon, we take a look at the harvest of God as the time of His harvest is drawing near. All of us are a part of the field that is God is coming to for the harvest. So, I ask you today, are ready for the harvest? Will you be part of God’s harvest?

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4. The Power of Prayer

Preached June 4, 2023

Some are skeptics about prayer but in today’s sermon we take a look at Jesus’ message about the power of prayer, God’s three answers, and the three keys to enjoying a happy and healthy prayer life.

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5. The Meaning of Life

Preached June 11, 2023

What is the meaning of life? We take a look at how we go about living a fruitful life according to the Lord to where we can look on our life in satisfaction that we have lived a life of meaning and purpose.

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6. The Dressing Up Room

Preached June 18, 2023

It’s a dressing up room down here. If you desire to enter into the kingdom of heaven and dwell there eternally, we must make sure that our soul is clothed appropriately. In today’s sermon, we take a look at the appropriate attire for the soul.

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