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Food For Thought For December 7, 2023

When Man Lives Without God | Is. 59:9,15

Read This Passage: Isaiah 59:9-21

Therefore justice is far from us, Nor does righteousness overtake us; We look for light, but there is darkness! For brightness, but we walk in blackness! 15 So truth fails, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey. Then the Lord saw it, and it displeased Him that there was no justice.

Isaiah 59:9,15 NKJV

There are many that desire to live in a world without God, religion, and faith. Those that desire such a world truly believe that the world would be a better place without the Lord? Now, I actually agree with them when it comes to mechanical religion; God doesn’t love nor desire mechanical religion and I don’t care much for it as well. However, a world without God, would be a in great trouble.

Israel lived in a manner where they had forsaken the Lord and His way. Through the prophet Isaiah, we get a picture for what that world looked like; it was a world where the was no justice; a world where there was no light, but darkness. What this meant was that Israel, as a people, was filled with so much sin that righteousness could not overtake their darkness. While it may have been a party for the sinner, that day was very bleak for those that looked for light (good).

Sin takes mankind further and further away from the Lord. While many may loved to be far removed from God, the Lord does not desire to be so far removed from us. When man lived without sin, God intervened because He was displeased by our nature. When man lives without God, He is not happy because the Lord knows that we can better than our nature! God knowing that you can be better than our nature of sin is another reason why we should love Him and celebrate what He has done for us.

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