Bible Study

Join us for Bible study! We study scripture and answer questions that scripture may cause us to have by using sound doctrine. We also cover topics that we face daily!

Studying Jonah’s Anger and Hatred

This week’s study takes another look at anger and bitterness, but we do so from the point of view of the prophet Jonah. What can we learn from Jonah’s anger?

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Cain and Abel: A Bible Study on Cain

This week, I do a bible study on Cain – the way of Cain – to study a lesson that all of us should take a moment to learn and understand.

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What Does Putting God First Mean?

In this study I take a look at what it means to put God first. I take a look at the difference between earthly and heavenly treasures. I also discuss the choice that has to be made to follow Christ.

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Bible Study: Praying to God

In today’s study, we take a look at the prayer that Jesus taught the disciples to learn how we can grow in praying to the Lord.

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What Does the Law Mean to the Genuine Believer?

Part 2 of our sermon on the mount bible study series takes at look at Jesus’ fulfilling of the Law and what it means for believers.

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