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On the Path to Glory

February 4 – March 10, 2024

What path are you taking in life? There are two paths that our lives can end up on. One path is a path to glory and righteousness in the kingdom of heaven. The other path is a pathway in the opposite direction towards condemnation. In this sermon, each sermon will focus on the need for one to be on the path towards righteousness.

1. Have You Decided to Follow Jesus?

Preached February 4, 2024

Have you decided to follow Jesus? There is a path that we should all be on in life and that is the pathway to glory. In this week’s sermon, I focus on how we must follow Jesus to make it down the path to glory to reach the kingdom of heaven.

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2. Life Lesson From Judas Iscariot (Do You Love Jesus)

Preached February 11, 2024

There is a very powerful lesson that we must learn from the tragic fall of Judas Iscariot. Judas walked with Jesus but why was very far from Him. Why was it that Judas never changed? Why did Iscariot betray Jesus?

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3. Overcoming Doubt: Do You Have a Heart Problem?

Preached February 18, 2024

Having doubt in your heart will prevent you from being able to enter into God’s rest. So, overcoming doubt in the heart is a must! Join Pastor McCrary as he takes a look at doubt and the consequences to having a heart of doubt.

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4. Your Obedience is Required: How to Obey God

Preached March 3, 2024

To be on the path to glory, one must follow Christ. To follow Christ one must obey God’s word. Are you living in obedience of the word of God? Join Pastor McCrary as the “On the Path to Glory” series continues!

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5. Don’t Be Discouraged in the Race of Faith

Preached March 10, 2024

The race of faith is filled with many trials and tribulations which can make it easy for you to become discouraged. Though the journey is difficult, you can make it to the finish line! Join Pastor McCrary this week to see how to run this race.

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