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To a Lost Generation

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How many of us today are following the way of Christ in godly living? Sadly, idolatry and apostasy continues to grow in the world as our society proudly moves further away from God. In this sermon series, we take a look at the danger of becoming a lost generation while also taking a look at doing what’s necessary to return to the Lord.

1. Are You Looking for a Sign From God

May 19, 2024

Are you looking for a sign from God so that you can believe in Him? God has an answer that you need to see! Join Pastor McCrary as he shares with us the signs of God and what one can do in order to recognize them.

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2. Don’t Lose Yourself: Return to the Values of Godly Living

June 2, 2024

Godly living has been lost on this generation as there is a steady decline in moral values. Join Pastor McCrary for this week’s message as he focuses on returning to godly living.

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3. Knowledge is Power: It’s Time to Know the Lord

June 9, 2024

We are on a spiritual battlefield and there is a key we must have in order to live. Pastor McCrary takes a look at adding knowledge to our faith. It is time for us to know the Lord!

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4. You Must Take Control of Your Emotions

June 16, 2024

You must take control of your emotions before the take control of you! There is a serious danger today’s generation faces in leaving their emotional doors wide open! Join Pastor McCrary as he takes a look at the importance of self-control.

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5. Perseverance – When the Going Gets Tough

June 23, 2024

When the going gets tough, there are one or two things you can do – push through or give up. If you fight, you must make sure you’re fighting in a manner to win. Join Pastor McCrary as he continues to preach to a generation that needs to return to God in order to endure.

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6. We Must Remain Hopeful When All Seems Lost

July 7, 2024

As peril grows in the world today, we must remain hopeful. Join Pastor McCrary as he takes a look a key characteristic of God that we must imitate in the world today.

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