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Foolish Faith is not Faith

In today’s sermon, I preach about and warn against the foolish faith that has been on display the past couple of weeks during this time of crisis.

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Trusting God’s Will Even When Things Go Wrong

When things don’t go the way we hoped, it becomes difficult for some believers to continue trusting in God’s will. In today’s sermon, we look at the faith of three Hebrews boys in their time of crisis.

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In Times of Crisis

In times of crisis, what do you do? Do you lean on God or are you consumed with worry and fear? I take a look at Elijah in a time of crisis and what God did for Him along with other calming scripture.

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Molded by God

We venture down to the potter’s house to learn a lesson that God shared with Jeremiah. We are to be shaped and molded by God, but are we cooperating with Him?

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Come Out the Dark for a Better Purpose

The third sermon in my Spiritual Dilemma sermon series takes a look at God’s will vs. Man’s will. Our own will leaves us in the dark where we cannot grow to full bloom. We must come out of the dark to reach full bloom.

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